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    UFO is what I would call an incredible second generation hard rock band. Of course the first generation and creation of hard rock began in the late 60s with guys like Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple and led to a series of second generation of hard rockers that emerged in the mid to late 70s, which ultimately led to third generation hard rock groups who would be more associated with the metal movement which was getting ready to take full flight by the start of the 80s. UFO formed in the early 70s, and started off as sort of a space rock/progressive group, kind of like Hawkwind. Its not really until lead guitarist Michael Schenker became a part of the band that they decided to change directions and just stick with hard rock. The guitar work and improvisation is amazing, some of the best I've heard in rock music. UFO is such a tight hard rock group, and they create some very catchy and well-written songs that you almost can't believe or explain why these guys rock so hard. From their first Schenker album, Phenomenon to their revolutionary live album, Strangers in the Night, this band stays on fire for the rest of the 70s until his unfortunate departure at the end of the decade. Uncoincidentally, these are also the guys who inspired the likes of Iron Maiden, who were a staple in hard rock and metal throughout the 80s, and still are to this day. All the members of the band just play their parts perfectly and Phil Moog's vocals do complete justice with the amazing riffs going on around him, and they keyboards sort of add a Deep Purple sound. UFO kept hard rock alive and helped pass the candle to a new generation.

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